Pressure Washers - the BRANDS!

Posted by on June 17, 2014 .

There are far too many brands in the pressure washing business. This, instead of giving multiple choice options actually makes choice difficult. Yes, but why? Simply due to not knowing which one is the best and which one you should pick. Let me help you right now: there is no single best brand. Many manufacturers try to satisfy the different needs and budgets and many others just specialize in one field of pressure washing. Choice may seem a bit difficult at first, as we already pointed out in the article 'WANTED: the best pressure washer' but all you need may be just a little knowledge and help from outside. Let's introduce you to few of the leaders in the pressure washers business. Companies, which names a pro in the business will mention first, when asked.

Shark pressure washer

Recognized for their durable, reliable and safe pressure washers. They are designed and constructed to surpass the expectations of the highest demanding industry - rental experts. Shark pressure washers are built to last, and are reasonably priced. The Shark brand offers over a hundred different commercial and industrial power washers, both hot and cold water models, all of which designed and constructed specifically for the industry.

A Shark pressure washer is easily identified due to the big durable components, simple and reliable design and a load of safety features.

AR Pressure washer

Founded back in 1989 as a subsidiary of Annovi Reverberi (Italy), AR North America is one of the most recognized names in the pressure washing industry. AR North America maintains enormous warehouse in Minnesota and always maintains high stock quantities of AR pressure washers and pumps. This ensures extra quick delivery to their dealers and distributors.

AR North America sets high safety and quality standards for each of their products. This is a company that stands behind its products. They are one of the largest suppliers of power washers in the world and have modern testing equipment and huge experience to guarantee top notch quality. They are also very responsive  to their clients needs and whenever you buy one of their products you may as well benefit of # 1 customer service. Whenever modification or repair is needed, their experts are ready to help.

Cam Spray pressure washer

Selling power washers to professionals since 1971, Camspray certainly knows that the professionals are those who know best what is most suitable for their business. The company asks their customers, listen to their needs and built machines according to those needs. They offer many of the features in the standard line of pressure washers, but can also make custom built pressure washers, if needed. Those machines can be up to 65 gallons per minute. Modifications of existing design to enhance the real life performance of the pressure washer are often done at no additional cost. This is due to the special 'one at a time' production technology.

Camspray pressure washers are specifically designed and built for commercial and industrial applications. Being well-known for innovation and continuous improvement, Camspray always encourage new ideas that will add value to their pressure washers. Really simple, but genuinely effective, this policy makes their standard models built per clients' wants and needs.

Remember, there is no job too dirty or too big for a Cam Spray pressure washer!

Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer

Having one of the longest history, Campbell Hausfeld was founded back in 1836 with manufacturing horse drawn wagons and agricultural cultivators . Step by step the company evolved, changed and switched markets. Their first consumer Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer was introduced in 1981.

Campbell Hausfeld product line today consists of: paint sprayers, air compressors, welders, tire inflators, air nailers and staplers, air tools, and pressure washers. Their focus is to always meet and exceed the expectations of the customer. Their name become a symbol of durabile and reliable equipment. CH offers quality equipment for both consumers and experts for over 175 years. The tradition of top notch quality is well expressed in their slogan 'Built to last'.

PressurePro pressure washer

The company having over 100'000 sq.ft total warehouse space today, was founded back in 1984 in Florida, USA. There are several loading bays and floor-to-ceiling storage space that makes possible keeping large product quantities in stock, ready to ship almost immediately.

Being one of the most recognizable brands in the industry, Pressure Pro offers pressure washers for virtually every application and budget. They have clear vision of the future and five main principles, namely integrity, honesty, high quality products, perfect technical knowledge and outstanding customer service. Also, the company is committed to delivering high quality products and achieving full customer satisfaction. Those principles were the main reason for the expansion boost and for the growing list of offered products, company's experts and loyal customers. To continue in the settled direction became a mission for Pressure pro. Mission, they will follow by constantly innovating, researching new and improving existing products and always delivering them to customers at highly competitive price.

All pressure washers are ready to work immediately out of the box because each Pressure Pro pressure washer is fully assembled and tested before shipping.

Last update: August 10, 2014