DeWalt Pressure Washers

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DeWalt Power Washers
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The brand has earned the reputation of being the market leader in the professional tool category. For more than 80 years they designed, engineered and manufactured durable industrial machinery. During all these years the brand produced rugged and powerful, yet precise and reliable equipment. DeWalt pressure washers naturally meet all these criteria as well. They are built to last even when used in harsh conditions.

Each DeWalt power washer is “engineered to meet the rigorous demand of the cleaning professional”. And they do – every day, day after day. The machines are manufactured in the 250,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility in Decatur (AR). No Dewalt pressure washer leaves the huge manufacturing facility until it meets the correct quality performance specifications.

The manufacturer is extremely proud and satisfied to produce these pressure washers knowing that the customers are using them on job sites for years to come.

DeWalt Pressure Washer

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