Cam Spray Pressure Washers

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Cam Spray Power Washers
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Building high quality pressure washers - one at a time!

Being in the pressure washing business since 1971 selling machines to professionals in commercial cleaning, plumbing and waste water, CamSpray knows that they know what is best for their business. The company listens to their customers and offers custom built machines for special needs. A custom built Cam Spray pressure washer can be up to 65 GPM. Sometimes clients ask for modification of the existing design of a pressure washer to enhance its real life usage. Due to the 'one at a time' technology CamSpray is able to make them while in production, often for no additional cost.

Specifically Designed for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Camspray are famous for innovation ideas and continuously improving their products. They always welcome new suggestions and ideas that will add value to Cam Spray Pressure Washers. Simple, yet really effective, this tactics makes their standard models built according to customers' needs and wants.

No job is too dirty or too big!

With more than 180 units in the catalog, there are power cleaners for virtually every power cleaning application known to men! The selection is vast: from hand-held to trailer mounted units, working either with cold or with hot water, and powered by electricity, gas, diesel or hydraulics! Smaller units start from 1000 PSI and 2 GPM and the larger power cleaning equipment works at 5000 PSI and blast up to 20 gallons of water each minute.

Each power washer is built to last and dependably serve the cleaning professionals for years to come. The machines are made for industrial usage, with high quality durable components and powerful engines.

Cam Spray Pressure Washer

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