Shark Pressure Washers

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Shark Power Washers
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Shark pressure washers offer the choice among almost 100 commercial and industrial power washers, cold and hot water units, designed and built specifically for the high expectations of the industry. These cleaners are well known for their safety, durability and reliability, result of being developed specifically to withstand the ultimate tests of rental industry. Those machines are simply built to last and are offered to the clients with a really affordable price-tag.

The craftsmanship and design of a Shark pressure washer is easily distinguished due to the simple design, big components for added durability and plenty of safety characteristics.


  • - All high pressure pumps in the Shark power washer line are now improved with advanced seal technology. This feature ensures longer life for the pump at a lower purchase cost.
  • - Vibration isolators under the motor reduce vibration and gradual deterioration of components
  • - Quality Honda engine on many of the machines with low oil warning and limited three-year warranty

Performance and Safety:

  • - Equipment Testing Laboratory (ETL) certificate on most models to UL-1776 safety standards for high pressure washing equipment
  • - CETA performance certificate ensures less than 5% deviation of the specifications advertised for most of the models
  • - All manufacturer's factories are ISO 9001 certified

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The single best value test done by professionals is the field test, whether can they count on a reliable performance of the equipment day after day. Shark pressure washers have been proven to meet those demands!

Shark Pressure Washer

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