Top 6 Reasons to Get a Pressure Washer Before Winter Kicks In

Posted by on June 17, 2014 .

We all know that there are at least 100 practical uses of a pressure washer. However, it is often times now quite clear what they are. Neither is which should be on your top 6 list to do at the end of the autumn.

There are a number of reasons to do the pressure cleaning while the weather is still good. Sure, pressure washing a house boosts its price quite a bit and makes it easier to sell your house off season. But even if you do not want to sell your home, it is a good idea to pressure wash it before the weather gets too cold. No one wants to catch a cold, right.

Without further ado, let's look at the

Top 6 reasons to buy your pressure washer before winter:

  1. Give your home a facelift before the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. Family meetings and parties for that time of the year are tradition for most Americans. Don’t let the gathered dirt in the front of the house or on the walkways make you feel uncomfortable anymore.  Just pressure wash the siding and the front of your house and you will feel immediately more comfortable inviting people. Now let the party season begin!

  2. Spruce up your patio furniture and lawn mower for storage during Winter. Don’t allow it to sit for too long. Get rid of the dust and grime gathered while it is easy to remove it. If allowed to cake-on, it will take you twice the time and effort to clean it up. You will be more than thankful when you bring it out again next Spring.

  3. It is quite unpleasant to deal with water outside during cold and windy weather. Even a little bit of a splash of water will make you freeze and shiver. It is a good way to ensure a visit to the doctor’s office for a not-so-pleasant meeting as well. So, get your outside cleaning while it is still mild and sunny.

  4. Love barbeques? Food is much more delicious and tasty if prepared on a barbeque. They get more people involved with cooking and also add up for more intimate and cozy atmosphere. Make sure to buy a strong detergent and pressure wash the grill. It will look like new and be ready for even more parties next season.

  5. Let’s get even dirtier. Yes, garbage cans need cleaning, too. As the holidays are approaching, there will be more stuff to throw like gift boxes and wrapping paper from the presents. Clean the cans a bit so they will be looking good for the holidays.

  6. I bet you have windows as well. Quite often, lots of them. They gather a lot of dirt over time and it just keeps adding up. Give them a good facelift by the means of pressure washing. The reasoning here is twofold. Your house will look even more appealing and you will let more sunlight in. Your home will look brighter inside without any additional effort. Just make sure you use the lowest power possible, have filled in any gaps or holes that may let water in, and inspect each window for damages prior to cleaning. Never pressure wash a damaged window.


 No matter what you need it for, a power washer turns out to be a handy tool. It speeds up cleaning and turns the boring chore into a fun experience. Just browse our other articles for many smart tips and step-by-step guides for easier home cleaning.

Last update: June 17, 2014