Pressure Washer DOs and DON'Ts

Posted by on June 17, 2014 .

Before starting each pressure cleaning take time to prepare properly the work site and make sure you are familiar with the safety tips listed below. They are separated in two categories: ''the DO list" and the "Don't list", containing best and worst practices in pressure washing.

The DOs:

  • Read the owner’s manual carefully before using the unit. Follow the guidelines for accessories, nozzles and suitable chemical agents.
  • Check pump and engine oil levels before use.
  • Wear protective equipment. Use eyeglasses, gloves, non-slip shoes and proper clothing.
  • Visually check the whole system before each use.
  • Attach all the accessories and extensions before you start the cleaning.
  • Release all pressure from the system before repair.
  • Use appropriate PSI for the pressure washing job.
  • Store in a warm well-ventilated area, if possible. Winterize the power washer to prevent irreversible freezing damage to the pump.
  • Make sure the distance between the spray tip and the surface is appropriate for the application (refer to the owner’s manual). Spraying too close to the object will harm the surface but at the same time, cleaning won’t be effective if you work from big distance.
  • Always test the pressure on a small area, preferably out of sight, to make sure you don’t damage its surface.
  • Learn from best practices: Apply chemical from the bottom to the top of the object, wash it from top to bottom. This way, the dirt won’t spill on the already cleaned surface. 
  • Power wash thoroughly after cleaning. Otherwise the chemical will dry and may leave stains on the surface.


The DOs:


  • Leave the working machine unattended.
  • Use spare parts, accessories, nozzles or chemicals that are not recommended by manufacturer.
  • Try to add fuel while the pressure washer’s engine is running.
  • Point the gun to a person or animal when the pressure washer is running. The pressurized stream can cause severe injuries.
  • Pressure wash hands, feet or any part of your body as it can and will peel your skin off.
  • Use it on windows, glass doors or mirrors. They are fragile and can be easily broken by the water force.
  • Run the pressure washer for more than two minutes without pulling the trigger gun.
  • Run the pressure washer with closed nozzle for more than a minute. You will prevent stress caused to the pumping unit.
  • Try to repair a leak while the machine is working.
  • Use hot water for your cold-water pressure washer.
  • Use acids or bleach with the chemical injector. They will damage the inner parts of the machine.


Last update: June 17, 2014