How to Pressure Wash Outdoor Kitchen and Grill

Posted by on June 17, 2014 .

Cleaning kitchen equipment and grills may be daunting tasks, as we all know how difficult is to do it manually. Luckily, this is another area at which your pressure washer may be of help. Use its cleaning power to save your time and effort when cleaning your barbeque and outdoor kitchen. Below are few tips how to do this effectively.

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill



Barbecues and garden parties are quite lot of fun unlikely tedious cleaning afterwards. If you have an outdoor kitchen with a grill, you probably know how quickly they got dirty as they are exposed to dust and particles. Even if the outdoor kitchen is partially protected by a roof against sun, rain and snow, it is still exposed to the dust and particles. Moreover, grease and oils from using the barbeque cause a lot of dirt and stains.


Safety First


Use same safety precautions as you normally would: move all plants and furniture cover all open or exposed electrical outlets, wear safety gear. If your grill or outdoor kitchen are greasy (as they are expected to be), use a chemical dispenser or the black soap nozzle to apply the detergent. Allow it to work for 5-10 minutes, then carefully rinse off. I strongly advise you to use de-greasing detergents, as they are extremely effective and greatly reduce cleaning time.


Don't Forget the Outdoor Kitchen


If the outdoor kitchen has a hood that needs to be cleaned, start with it first. This will ensure that dirt won't drip over the already cleaned areas.  Usually, there are a lot of plants and grass. To prevent harming them, make sure to soak them thoroughly before you start pressure washing. That way they won't absorb too much chemicals. Use environmentally friendly chemicals whenever possible. After you are done cleaning, rinse off completely any chemicals or detergent that may have gone to the plants.


That is all. Happy barbequing!

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Last update: June 17, 2014