AR Blue Clean 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer AR383

Product Code: AR383
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Price: $227.00

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Usage level Residential
Style Electric - Cold Water
Water pressure (PSI) 1900
Water flow (GPM) 1.5
Cleaning efficiency 2850
Engine Universal electric motor
HP / CC 1.5 hp
Volts/Amps 120V/60 Hz /14 Amps
Pump type 3 Axial-piston wobble-plate pump
Adjustable Pressure No
Chemical Injector Foam dispenser
Spray Gun Plastic with lance extension
Nozzle Type Adjustable with pencil and fan jet settings + Turbo Nozzle
High pressure hoseYes, 20 ft
Cart Yes, two wheel trolley
Dimensions L x W x H (in.)28.5" x 12.25" x 11.25"
Weight (Lbs)28
Warranty 1 year -consumer, 90 days on accessories
Model numberAR Blue clean AR383 pressure washer
AR North America AR383


AR North America AR383 pressure washer review

AR Blue clean AR383 is one of the best-selling electric cold water pressure washers for a reason – this unit simply provides added value for buyer's money. Its 1900 PSI provides enough power to cover most of the cleaning tasks around the house. It can be used for driveways, decks, lawn mowers, trucks, cars and many more! Even though this pressure washer is in the budget line – its pump is a cut above many others in the same price level. AR North America AR383 is made of durable materials – copper, aluminum and plastic that will ensure long life of the unit if cared well for.

Top features:

It also has some really cool advantages:  one of them being the shutoff feature that shuts the engine off when the operator releases the trigger and eliminates the danger of damaging the pump when not washing. Second one is the really long electric cord and hose – you don't need to drag the pressure washer from side to side when washing, neither you need to mess with extensions to clean a reasonable large area. They allow you to set up the power washer in one place and simply do your cleaning.

Ar blue clean AR383 power washer comes with two wands: an adjustable one that allows you to spray at different angles without buying extra tips and the other has rotating tip for cleaning some stubborn dirt.

Another cool advantage is that the it comes with hose storage reel and cord holder so everything just wraps nice and neat on the pressure washer.

Excellent and professional customer service

The bonus here is the excellent and unmatched AR North America customer support. Buying a unit from the largest supplier in the power washer industry, the client can be sure that all his issues, questions and concerns will be handled by professionals in a timely fashion.

Verdict: AR blue clean AR383 is a pressure washer that is perfect for small cleaning jobs around the house and comes at excellent price. The unit is also lightweight (28 lbs) and pretty quiet, too. Overall, very good small investment.

Operator manual AR North America AR383
test | 3 reviews

test test test
Michael Wylie | 3 reviews

I spent a lot of time reading reviews of different pressure washers and should say I am really pleased I bought AR383. I chose this particular model because of its extra long power cord. Another plus is that its hose is also long and dragging the pressure washer around your car is not necessary. Both cable and high pressure hose have their place on the unit which makes it very compact and convenient to store. The output pressure is 1900 PSI - really decent for small electric pressure washer and absolutely enough for my needs. I have tried it on nearly everything around my house: from wooden fence and outside walls to driveway and patios. Overall impression is that this is really easy to use quality product
Pressure washers AREA | 3 reviews

AR383 Pressure Washer Review: The Axial-piston wobble-plate pump inside this pressure washer is better than those used in most electric pressure washers on the market. The storage hose reel is a really good addition that allows you store compactly and easily the high pressure hose. It’s convenient handle and two wheels allow easy maneuverings. Turbo nozzle is also included to add even more value in this great purchase. In short: AR 383 pressure washer offers portability and adequate pressure at yet really affordable price. This is the perfect unit for light-duty cleaning tasks around the house.
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